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Sabtu, 14 November 2009

Anti Deep Freeze v0.1

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for you that experience problem because installed program deep freeze in your computer and you forget password deepfreeze- can use program counter deep freeze v0.1. this program doesn't work for deep freeze enterprise. counter deep freeze v0.1 walk to deep freeze version 4,5,6 .

Tutorial :

1. open Anti Deep Freeze

2. Click Version The DeepFreeze Version you Have and click apply
3. you will see 2 Deep Freeze Icon on left bottom your desktop
4. Press Ctrl+alt+shift and clikc the Second deepfreeze icon
5. on the password Form you will see OTP Token
6. copy the code and fill it on the Password Form !!

congratz you have bypassed DeepFreezee ^^

Download Anti DeepFreeze v0.1

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