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Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

PC Optimizer Pro 4.5.40

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PC Optimizer Pro 4.5.40 + Reg.Key "6.05MB"

PC Optimizer Pro
- program for the treatment, rehabilitation and optimization of the Windows operating system in a few mouse clicks. The program allows to optimize the performance of your computer, making your computer run faster and allows the system to correct various errors, preventing up to 90% of all failures in the computer.

The program consists of a set of system utilities that help you clean the system registry and hard disk of debris, to remove unnecessary applications and programs from autostart, show you information about your system and make a backup in case of a malfunction in the system and many other operations.

Key features:
* Scan the registry to find and fix incorrect or outdated information
* Protect your privacy by cleaning Internet and computer activity
* Irrevocable delete files from your hard drive without possibility of recovery
* Uninstall programs from your system
* Autorun Manager to manage applications that run when Windows starts
* Displays important information about the configuration and performance of your system
* Backup all your important files and information.




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